Competitive Spring/Summer

Updated Summer Tryout schedule

The Intercity league welcomes players who want to continue to compete at a high level over the spring & summer. Players in this league are selected after tryouts and your registration for tryouts does not guarantee a spot. If your child is  not selected for this program, we will reserve a spot in the recreational Summer league for them.

The League is ONLY open for the following levels

Mini - boys and girls

 Bantam - boys

 Cadet - girls

Tryout will take place the first weekend of April

The competitive program offers 2 indoor practices per week

10 basketball games during the weekends

Fees are $350.

The competitive uniforms are rented by the players and a deposit of $50, returnable at the end of the season is to be expected.

This program requires the commitment from players and parents 

(presence at all practices and travel for tournaments and games)

Payment is required only after the tryouts and when you receive a confirmation your kid is selected. More information about the tryouts to follow